Angela Meleti’s fine print (General Terms and Conditions)

1. General
Angela Meleti provides the client with extensive catering and/or private chef services for his/her event. Unless otherwise agreed, Angela Meleti shall not act as the event organiser in any way whatsoever. The organiser, and hence the person responsible for the orderly course of the event, is always the cleint or his/her contracting party. The organiser shall ensure adequate insurance coverage for property damage and personal injury.


2. Offer and confirmation
Based on the information provided by the client, Angela Meleti shall submit to the client a detailed offer concerning catering and/or personal chef services to be rendered for his/her event. This offer shall not be binding in any way whatsoever for either the client or for Angela Meleti.
After making any adjustments to the offer, Angela Meleti shall give the client confirmation of the order in detail. An agreement shall come about as soon as the client returns a dated copy of the confirmation bearing a legally valid signature to Angela Meleti.


3. Prices
All of Angela Meleti’s prices and offers are quoted in CHF and do not include VAT.
Expenses in the form of cash outlays such as travel expenses to be advanced are generally not included in the agreed price and will be invoiced separately as additional costs against presentation of receipts.

Travel expenses:

  • 0.70 centimes per km
  • 2nd class rail ticket

4. Billing, payment
Invoices will be split in two. The first half will be charged upon signing the agreement and the second half 10 days before the event. The bills are payable within 5 days. We are entitled to charge a dunning fee of CHF 15 for each reminder. External third-party costs, for example for renting marquees, must be paid immediately.


5. Changing the order
If the client requires further changes to the order after Angela Meleti has received the signed confirmation from the client, the client must, upon receiving a modified confirmation from Angela Meleti, sign and return it to Angela Meleti.
The number of guests attending the event may be changed up to three business days before the event.


6. Cancellation
If the client cancels an order up to 3 business days before the event, the client shall pay 60% of the order value according to the order confirmation. 100% of the order value shall be due for cancellations received after this date. If the damage incurred by Angela Meleti is greater than the amount payable pursuant to Section 1 above, the client shall be liable for this damage instead.


7. Infrastructure of the premises and grounds
The client is responsible for ensuring that the premises and the grounds where Angela Meleti is to render the catering or personal chef services meet Angela Meleti’s requirements. In particular, the client shall inform Angela Meleti in good time if access is difficult or if the building is not equipped with a lift. Furthermore, the client is responsible for ensuring the availability of the necessary installations (electricity, running hot and cold water) in customary, useable form. If provision of the catering or personal chef services by Angela Meleti should prove difficult or impossible on the day of the event owing to inadequate infrastructure, the client shall be obligated to pay the full order value, even if provision of catering or personal chef services by Angela Meleti is impossible or only partially possible.


8. Later delivery, delays
The delivery and service times agreed with the client are only agreed as estimated times. Angela Meleti shall not accept any liability for later delivery or delays in the course of the event.


9. Materials on loan
If Angela Meleti supplies material on loan (cutlery, crockery, glasses, linens, etc.), the client shall be responsible for ensuring that the material is returned in full and in undamaged condition. Any losses shall be charged to the client.


10. Data protection
The protection of your privacy is of the utmost priority. We constantly endeavour to ensure the highest possible degree of confidentiality and security. We wish to explicitly point out that we only use client data for internal purposes or for client-specific purposes in connection with the business relationship. The data are treated in the strictest confidence.


11. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
This agreement is governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.
Zurich, January 2012