„Cooking is a ritual and food a culture.“ Angela Meleti

To guarantee that your event is a hit…


Every invitation is unique. The same goes for the meals. And no one plans like Angi. Once we know exactly what you need (the number of people, culinary style, reason for the event, the venue and budget, etc.), that’s when Angi gets to work in order to take the burden off you right from the start.


For Angi, the ingredients are the “be-all” and buying them the “end-all” to allow you and your guests to enjoy true culinary highlights. That is why Angi buys everything herself; and only in the best shops.


When Angi is in your kitchen, she doesn’t let anyone else in; unless, of course you want to treat yourself and your guests to a one-of-a-kind optical hors d’oeuvre. Depending on the menu selection and the number of guests, Angi may have to make some preparations outside of your kitchen.


Angi cooks, but that’s not the half of it. With her team, Angi serves you her own creations in person – even the drinks if you want. Refined, courteously and without getting in the way: Angi – your personal chef.
What can Angi do for you? We would be delighted to organise your event and look forward to you hearing from you!


Angi’s fine print:
In addition to a detailed written offer, you will also receive the GTC.